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Instafresh-Set (Combo offer)

SKU: MP-005

5,999.00 3,000.00


Vacuum Sealer Set – Instafresh

Vacuum Containers & Jar (3 pcs Combo) – InstaFresh

Vacuum bags (Ziplock bags) – Instafresh

Universal Vacuum Lid – Instafresh

AC Adapter Included


Comparison with and without vacuum

Types of Food Food shelf life without vacuum Food shelf life with vacuum
Cooked meals in general 2 days 10 days
Cheese 15 days 60 days
vegetables 5 days 21 days
Fruits 10 days 21 days
Non Alcoholic Drinks 7 days 30 days
Desserts with cream 2 days 10 days
Other types of Desserts 5 days 20 days
Dried Food 180 days 365 days


Note: Different storage time varies with different foods. Freezer storage would be better



  1. Vacuum sealer is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children.
  2. Do not use the vacuum sealer on any part of the body ( Humans or Animals)
  3. The vacuum sealer is only for use with the special vacuum bag/vacuum container, universal lid & special bottle stopper
  4. Do not intentionally draw liquids through the vacuum sealer
  5. Do not immerse vacuum sealer in water or in any other liquid.
  6. Vacuum sealing system is not a substitute for refrigeration or freezing. Store perishable foods appropriately.
  7. Wash out and dry vacuum bags/ containers/universal lid/ special bottle stopper thoroughly before using
  8. This appliance is intended for household or outdoor use only. It is not suitable for industrial application.
  9. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not throw old batteries in household waste. Dispose of according to local authority recommendations.