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To help make such products available in the Indian market, that aid in healthy lifestyle and are environment friendly.


To become the only company, that has its entire product line comprised of only eco-friendly and health conscious merchandise.

Founded in2017, By Mr. Pratham and Mr. Umang, Mac&Pratt is a company that makes their dream of a healthier nation a reality. They are staunch believers of the fact that economic progress is only possible when we better use our resources; reduce wastage, start conserving and reusing resources most crucial to us.

With this vision in mind, the company’s first product – Insta Fresh is an initiative to help people consume only fresh produce even if they have to store it. This is in line with their vision of healthy and smart living. They also aim to have similar future products that are as effective and ground breaking as Insta Fresh.

Our team

Pratham Desai

Co Founder

Umang Desai

Co Founder

Purveen Jariwala

Co Founder


We work directly with major international brands, and for many of them we are the sole representatives in the market. We are a stable and reliable partner for those who are willing to develop their business with us. Become part of our team!


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