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Why Insta Fresh?

These days everyone is aware of the importance of eating fresh. But many face a practical problem of not having the time to go purchase fresh produce for their consumption every single day. Even if we bulk buy, because we do not have the proper means to store them, more than half goes to waste! That’s a lot of food and money that could have been saved if the produce was stored correctly.

Foods go bas when exposed to air because they start oxidizing, or decomposing due to elements present in the air. Some foods even react to bacteria and other agents present in the atmosphere surrounding us. This makes keeping foods fresh a huge challenge.

Insta Fresh Solves this problem by increasing the freshness quotient of the stored foods to allow maximum storage time to the customers. All that needs to be done is to pack the fruits and vegetables or any other food item in either the zip lock & reusable bags or containers, and vacuum all the air out using Insta Fresh! This preserves the freshness of the packed products for as long as a year in some cases. The vacuum environment seals the produce from any element or pathogens that may be present in the air that can cause decomposition. This way, We can keep foods fresh for a fairly longer period of time.

Even cooked foods that you may want to preserve for later use can be stored in these containers or zip locked reusable bags in order to use them later. Even if you are going to give the food away to others, it is still going to feel freshly cooked. This reduces food, resources and money wastage.

People who freeze seasonal vegetables and fruits are no strangers to freeze burns! But Insta Fresh solves that problem too. Food that is stored after being vacuumed never has these Freeze burns. That ensures the taste of the produce remains intact and it freshness too! Mango pulp, dry fruits and such other seasonal products remain fresh for the entire year in these vacuum containers and zip lock bags.

Monsoons in a tropical country like India, makes packing of meals for students, office going folks or travellers in general a big problem. Sandwiches and snack go bad quickly and that’s all due to moisture. If foods are carried in vacuum zip lock bags or vacuum containers, the food remains fresh for long. This makes Insta Fresh a must have product for mothers, travellers and wanderers.

For weight watchers or people with chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure problems, foods like cakes, pastries, confectioneries are a huge problem to store. They go bad within hours if not a couple of days max. Even salads that you might prepare for one time consumption easily get left over for another day. For such foods too, vacuum bags and containers is an apt solution to the problem. All these foods can be stored for at least a week or 10days (depending on the type of food)

Liquids like oils, milk etc. go bad in a few days of storing them due to oxidation. They start tasting off and using them could lead to health problems. You can increase their shelf life by using a special bottle stopper that allows you to vacuum seal the bottle. This ensures that the liquid remains fresh for a longer period of time.

Benefits of using Insta Fresh?

  1. Keeps foods and raw fruits and vegetable fresh for long
  2. Protects foods from going bad due to moisture exposure.
  3. Protects foods from freeze burns
  4. Helps you prepare and store meals cooked in advance for days.
  5. Helps reduce food wastage
  6. Helps store liquids like oils and milk for long.
  7. Helps store seasonal produce and keep it fresh for long –even yearlong in most cases.
  8. Saves time and money by keeping fresh, those foods that are bought in large quantities for later consumption.
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